30 Clever Organizational Ideas

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30 Clever Organizational Ideas

30 Clever Organizational Ideas


It’s time to get a little organized this year. You can’t make any more excuses after you read these 30 clever organizational ideas. In fact, you’ll love them so much, you will want to jump for joy.



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  1. Mason Jars—use mason jars to place smaller items in. You’ll appreciate the classy look mason jars give.

  2. Bins help keep things more organized than ever. You can place many items inside bins and bins fit in many places. Perfect combination.

  3. Get rid of things. You have told yourself a million times that you will get rid of those unused items. Now is the time.

  4. Use items you already have around your home. It’s okay if it doesn’t make sense to someone else, as long as your home gets organized.

  5. Keep things off of surfaces and put them away as quickly as you can. The longer it sits there the less of an opportunity you have to stay organized.

  6. Utilize hooks around your home as much as you can. Hooks are small but can hold a lot of weight.

  7. Use egg cartons to organize items on your desk. You can even label the egg cartons and put them away in your drawers.

  8. Toiler paper rolls and paper towel rolls are perfect to hold unused cords in. You can even use these paper rolls for storing your Christmas lights.

  9. A soap box (that you can buy in the bathroom section at the store) makes a perfect case for your smaller digital camera.

  10. Have a used container from your soda? Use the container again to store your soup cans.

  11. Use a shoe rack that goes on the back of the door for many other organizational purposes.

  12. You can buy tension rods at the dollar store and use them around your home in many different ways.

  13. Use the wall space in your kitchen and bathroom to keep pots, pans, towels, and utensils organized.

  14. This is very interesting: using an old rake as a wine glass holder. (If you like that vintage look, anyways).

  15. Use an old CD case holder to store ribbon or extra items. This is so much fun and looks really cool.

  16. Open your cupboard doors and utilize all of that space in there. (Are you surprised at how much space is there?)

  17. Save all of your plastic bags and keep them in weird places (in your car, in your diaper bag, and even in your purse).

  18. Tin cans also make great organizational tools. You can use these all over the house and even utilize this idea in the office.

  19. Grab those baby food jars and save them, when you can. You never know when these little “babies” will come in handy.

  20. Ice cube trays also make for an interesting organizational tool. You can use this to organize your jewelry, or even snacks for the little ones.

  21. Get rid of old food that you’re not going to use. You’ll be amazed at how much space is in your cupboards after this act of organization.

  22. Muffin tins also make a great organizational tool for the little items in your home.

  23. Make a trip to the Dollar Tree (where everything is a dollar) to get little items for your organizational journey (they have some cute stuff).

  24. Stick your old plastic bags in your old coffee cans (talk about double recycling and utilization).

  25. Stack items on top of each other when you don’t have a lot of space.

  26. Use a term called condensing to get rid of extra items. If you don’t need it, then it’s time to get rid of it.

  27. I love this idea: paint the top of lids with chalkboard paint. Now you can label without any hassle.

  28. Use old creamer jars to store your snacks. It’s amazing what can fit in those little bottles.

  29. Attaching clipboards to the wall of your home can help you stay organized. You can also decorate the clipboard according to your style.

  30. Try decorating your cereal boxes with scrapbooking paper. You can do amazing things with those fancy cereal boxes (store crayons, coloring books, flash cards).

Aren’t these some amazing ways to start organizing? I’d love to hear your organizational ideas that will make me (and you) jump for joy. Plus,  check out these FREE eBooks you can score for great tips too!

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What thrifty tips you use to organize? 

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30 Clever Organizational Ideas

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  1. Thank you for all these tips but I think the VERY best is #3–“Get rid of things. You have told yourself a million times that you will get rid of those unused items.”

    In fact, if you do #3 then chances are the rest of these will take care of themselves.
    Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com recently posted..Why Women Shop, Part 1My Profile

  2. Great tips!
    Andie Conn recently posted..Introducing: The Bravely Kindness ChallengeMy Profile

  3. Organization is so important in my household of 7 people. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. I really like the one about the cereal boxes and the paper towel rolls. We go through so many of these it would be a great way to recycle.


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