DIY Halloween Rings Into Hair Clips
Repurposed Halloween Rings: DIY Halloween Hair Clips
  • Assorted Halloween plastic rings
  • Metal hair clips
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue, glue gun
  • As mentioned, you can find these rings at just about any retail or dollar store.
  • Your dollar store may even have small metal hair clips as we used in our sample picture.
  • If not, Walmart also sells packs of 6 for less than $2 and they work quite well.
  • See, this craft is fun AND so frugal!
  1. Begin by snipping the main ring shape from the ring itself. For example, if it is a skull ring,
  2. snip on each side of it separating the skull from the wrap around ring portion.
  3. Repeat this process until you have an assortment of lose shapes. Set the shapes aside.
  4. Next, place a strip of glue on your metal barrette or clip. You want to get ready to move fast,
  5. as the glue will harden quickly once it hits the metal.
  6. Take your shape (skull, spider, etc.) and press it to the hot glue carefully. Press it firmly into
  7. place and hold to make sure to hold it until it is adhered.
  8. Now, just allow 20 minutes of drying time to make sure the shapes are securely fastened.
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