Wine Cork Grape Coaster Decor
Easy Wine Cork Craft
  1. Begin by cutting your wine corks into smaller segments. A serrated knife works best for this. Each cork should get you about 4 segments.
  2. Once you have a handful of segments, you can begin forming them into the grape shape. Start with 1 at the bottom and build in pyramid style, then finish by tapering off again at the top.
  3. When your grape shape is complete, use your hot glue and glue gun to secure the pieces together. Just add a dab of glue between the cork segments and press together. Allow to dry.
  4. Finish by bending a twig in half and adding some glue to the bend. Tuck it in between two corks and hold in place until dry.
  5. If you wish, you can add a poly sealant to the completed coaster to keep moisture out and longer their wear.
Recipe by Simplee Thrifty at