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Equate® Options and Assurance® Advantage Program Sweepstakes. Sign up for FREE for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card

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Have you ever had the “oh no…I leaked a little bit” feeling? I can remember growing up my mom always complained about this. It seemed like no matter what she did walked, laughed, coughed, or stood up it happened. This is something that doesn’t get talked about often between women because it is embarrassing for us. There are ways to help a leaky bladder like doing exercises, maintaining a healthy weight and having surgery to name a few, but it’s not guaranteed to go away. Even after she had surgery she still experiences leakage but not anywhere near as often or as much leakage as before and she is always prepared.

If you have a leaky bladder you are definitely not the only one. This can be very annoying and we have even to worry about! There’s no reason to be embarrassed. Did you know that 30% of women over the age of 30, experience bladder leakage which can be triggered by coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting or even doing exercises. Let’s be one step ahead of the leakage and become a member of the Options and Assurance Advantage  Program for FREE.

Leakage does not have to slow you down. You can enjoy yourself and be worry free of having an accident. Take back your confidence with Assurance® and Equate® at Walmart where you’ll find high-quality products you’re used to, with a value smart price that makes sense. Sign up to become a member and enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Benefits of becoming a member: 

  • Options & Assurance Advantage offers and savings
  • Members-only free samples
  • New product information
  • and much more!

I know you love getting freebies in the mail! Plus, when you sign up to be a member and you can enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $50 gift card!

  • Sweepstakes ends October 31 and winners will be selected at random


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