Mackinac Island | 5 Best Things To Do

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Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island | 5 Best Things To Do


If you have never been to Mackinac Island, Michigan, then you are missing out on one of the most beautiful places of our state. There is natural beauty on the island, but there is also some really cool man made things to do as well. Also, check out our Road Trip Tips – Saving Money on Gas!

1. Biking the Island

Biking the Island is relaxing and the only way to capture the pure beauty of it all. You get really close to the water as you bike the island, there are trails, and plenty of sightseeing options along the way. It can be sort of pricey to bike the Island, so make sure you plan accordingly. You may want to hustle to get around the 8 mile loop (to save money on bike fees), or you might as well take your time and enjoy the sites. Bringing your own bikes with also help your budget.

2. Butterfly House

No one really knows what the Butterfly House has to do with Mackinac Island, but it’s still an incredibly beautiful place to visit. The Butterfly House opens and closes according to the sleep schedule of the butterflies, so keep that in mind. This is something you have to experience for yourself before you can enjoy what the Butterfly House really has to offer. Check their website they offer discounts on admission.

3. Fudge

Eating fudge is clearly one of the best things to do on Mackinac Island. I’ve seen people walk around the whole island collecting fudge from different companies. Each piece of fudge does taste a little different. Keep an eye out for different coupons available from the various venues on the island. A lot of the fudge companies make the fudge right before your eyes, so you might enjoy watching this.

4. Carriage Ride

There are no cars allowed on the Island, so that means you either walk, bike, or take a carriage. While in Mackinac Island, you will even see there are individuals that make a living picking up horse poop. And you thought your job stunk? They do a great job of keeping the roads clear from manure and other horse liquids. You might be surprised at how clean the roads are. You can take a mini carriage ride or get a tour around the Island.

5. Ferry Ride

If you happen to bypass the mayflies and the gnats that find their way on the island during a few weeks out of the year, the ferry ride is quite enjoyable. The lake air on your face feels incredible and it’s not every day you get to ride a ferry. Of course, seeing the Mighty Mac on the side of the boat is also an incredible experience.

You can also buy Mackinac Island Packages at discounted prices which includes:

  • Round Trip Ferry Ticket
  • 1 1/2 hr Narrated Carriage Tour
  • Entrance into Historic Fort Mackinac

There is a ton of fun to be had on Mackinac Island. I would also suggest heading to the Upper Peninsula or checking out Mackinaw City for a while. There’s plenty of wild life, natural beauty, and window shopping to do. Print some maps before you head out too!

*Reader Tip* If you check the ferry schedules, you will find some of them actually go under the bridge on some the trips over the island. That is a sight to see! Thanks, Beth!


Mackinac Island Best Things To Do

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