Tips and Tricks to Help You Through Daylight Savings Time | Printable To Do Checklist

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Tips and Tricks to Help You Through Daylight Savings Time | Printable To Do Checklist

Tips and Tricks to Help You Through Daylight Savings Time | Printable To Do Checklist


As the saying goes Spring Ahead…Fall Back. Daylight Savings Time ends November 1st. Are you nervous that your family won’t be prepared for daylight savings time this year? It seems to creep up on us without any warning. I wanted to share some tips in which your family can be prepared for this important event without feeling blindsided.

Set an Alarm

I always set an alarm on my phone to remind me of when daylight savings time is. This helps me feel prepared the week of and not rush around the day it happens. Even though in fall, we “fall back” it can still feel weird.

Change the Batteries in your Home Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

This is a great habit to get into and probably one of the most important tips I can share. This will ensure you that your family will be safe. According to the national Fire Protection Association, you need to replace the batteries in your smoke and CO alarms two times per year.

Reverse your ceiling fan direction

By doing this you will force the warm air down to help save on your heat bill.

Replace Furnace Filters and Schedule a maintenance service call

I always replace our furnace filters when we change our clocks. I also add this to my shopping this so I have one on hand when I need to change it next time. Our furnace companies offers a warranty on our furnace which includes a service call to help maintenance your furnace to last longer. This would be worth calling about and seeing if anyone offers this in you area.

Let the Kids Know

The kids might be extra cranky that day, after all there’s an extra hour in their day. Their body clocks will need some time to reset and make sense of the clock change. Let them know what’s going on and why their body might feel a bit weird over the next week or so.

Update First Aid Kits

I also use this time of year to update our First Aid Kits, there is nothing worse then going to use something and it not being there!

Rotate Cupboards and Stockpile

I always go through my cupboards and stockpile and bring the old to the front and the new to the back. I also pull out extra and donate it to our local food back.

Rotate Clothing

I rotate our clothing just like our food 🙂 I go through our clothes out the summer clothes away and bring out all the winter clothes, but since I do live in Michigan I do leave a backup pair out. Ya know, it snows one day and 80 degrees the next day here…lol I don’t pack away anything that I know the little guy won’t fit into next year and always try to downsize the rest of the families clothes too. My motto is if you haven’t worn it, you not going to! Then I also make a trip to donate our clothes. More Frugal Fashion Tips.

Benefits of Daylight Savings Time

Although “falling back” for daylight savings time can make life a little more complicated for us. There really are some major benefits to the matter. Consider the fact that there will be more daylight, which means you can see better when you drive. Of course, the economy can also thrive a little better because outdoor businesses can stay open longer. Don’t forget that you can stay healthier because you’re outdoors enjoying the sunshine a little more.

Use this Reminder and Print Out This Checklist

Since daylight savings time always sneaks up on us, make sure you use this Daylight Savings Time Reminder! Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Make sure your friends know when to “fall back” so they are not taken by surprise either. Grab your FREE printable Daylight Savings Time Checklist!

You will ‘spring ahead,’ or turn your clocks forward one hour next year on March 8, 2015.

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Daylight Savings Time Checklist

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