Why Do Young Men Care Less to Get Pictures Taken Professionally? When This Could Be The End Result!

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Why Do Young Men Care Less to Get Pictures Taken Professionally?

When This Could Be The End Result!

Why Do Young Men Care Less to Get Pictures Taken Professionally? When This Could Be The End Result!

I can’t believe how time passes us by! My son is a Senior this year and even though he could have cared less about his pictures getting taken, he was getting them done! Why Do Young Men Care Less to Get Pictures Taken Professionally? When This Could Be The End Result! This is one of your kids biggest accomplishments in life and we will make a big deal about it 🙂 I called around to our local photographers because I believe in supporting our local small business; and was surprised on how many I came across that were very unprofessional! Let me tell you, I came across the BEST!!

I spoke with Autumn at A.J.B.C Photography and from the first phone call I was beyond impressed. Not only were we on a deadline, she had a vacation planned all at the same time. She made it work, that showed me how she values her customers! When I told Devon, I finally decided on a photographer his response was “Mom, you just take them you will do a great job!” As much as I appreciated his gesture, it wasn’t happening! I wasn’t going to just pick someone I didn’t get a good vibe from and end up with pictures like these when a so called “professional” calls and tells you your pictures are done! 🙂 Always, remember anyone can pick up a camera and say they are professional.

We met with Autumn for our pre-session, she sent over our thoughts, ideas, outfits and more. She gave great feedback to make this a great experience for all of us. We proceeded to the photo shoot at the Harbor in Lexington, MI. It was a great location that Devon picked. We awesome scenery to choose from which included the little city and the of course our Lake Huron. I was nervous, I thought “How is this going to turn out since he didn’t even care to have his pictures taken”. They blew my mind, both of them…it was perfect. He was like a natural, I wish I could have that confidence that he brought with him while getting photographed! His exact words were, “If my pictures come out as good as I look right now, they will be pretty good”. Talk about someone doing a complete turn around.

Anyhow, I wanted to share this experience with you because I truly believe that Autumn made this happen. She is simply amazing! Devon will only have Senior pictures done once in a lifetime and not only do we have AMAZING pictures we have awesome memories behind them. Autumn makes you feel that you are her only focus and I’m forever grateful for her and her art. As I mentioned before I knew from the first phone call with her that I could be confident that we would in the end have some awesome pictures, and that we do!!

Check out ALL Devon’s Senior pictures and let me know what you think.

Why Do Young Men Care Less to Get Professional Pictures Taken? When This Could Be The End Result!

As the saying goes: “You get what you pay for” and I couldn’t even put a price on Devon’s accomplishment her deserved the best and that what he got! Wouldn’t you agree! If your looking for a professional photographer she is your girl! You can view her art and contact information at A.J.B.C Photography. Be sure to like her Facebook page too so you don’t miss out on the specials she offers!

If you reach out to Autumn could you kindly let her know that you heard about her from myself (Heidi) or Simplee Thrifty. She has a referral program and you can do the same with your family and friends! Thank You!



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